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Classic Headquarters Clutch Bellcrank Felt Seals, Pair W-686B
Model: 2029144
Condition: NEW
Used on end(s) of clutch bellcrank to prevent leakage of grease. 9/16" I.D., 1-1/2" O.D. Die cut heavy fiber.…
Classic Headquarters Clutch Bar Seat and Clip Set W-686A
Model: 2035245
Condition: NEW
Used with all GM or reproduction clutch bellcranks. Three nylon pivot ball seats (only two required) and spring steel retainer clip. For small or big block bellcranks. GM Part #: Seat 3743349, Clip 3750696…
Oil 600W - For Rear End & Transmission - 1 Quart Bottle
Model: 3148998
Condition: NEW
  This 600 Weight Oil Is Necessary For Many Early Fords It Is Nearly Impossible To Find Locally It Saw Use In Differentials, Transmissions, And Steering Boxes Will Not Attack Brass Or Bronze Parts One Quart The…
Flywheel Bolt Set
Model: 2033177
Condition: NEW
Engineered and manufactured for reliability, these alloy steel flywheel bolts are heat treated to grade 8 specifications for extra strength. Kits are complete with lock washers, where needed, and are black plated to help resist rust and…
ACDelco Speedometer Gear, 19 Tooth White
Model: 3429019
Condition: NEW
Speedometer Gear, Driven 19-Tooth, Plastic, White, GM, Muncie, Powerglide, Saginaw, TH350, Each Brand:ACDelco Part Type:Speedometer Gears Product Line:ACDelco Speedometer Gears Speedometer Gear Type:Driven Speedometer…
$12.99 ea $11.47
Daniel Carpenter Clutch Pedal Rod Seal - Rubber C60Z-7533
Model: 3016831
Condition: NEW
Small boot that fits around your clutch rod located at the firewall. A usa reproduction of the original Ford. …
Daniel Carpenter Clutch Pedal Arm To Equalizer Bar Rod Bushings - 3/8 ID - Nylon C0AZ-7526
Model: 3937609
Condition: NEW
Now you can get rid of the annoying squeak in your clutch pedal for your 1960-1971 Galaxie,Falcon, 1962-1972 Fairlane, 1964-1973 Mustang, and 1961-1977 F-100/F-350. Requires At Least 2 Per Vehicle …
Daniel Carpenter Clutch Fork Dust Boot C60Z-7513-A
Model: 3016791
Condition: NEW
This is the molded rubber black boot that installs on the bell housing. Protects your clutch from damaging road debris. Measures 3 5/8 x 3 1/16 x 5 7/16. Call our offices for specific transmission applications. …
$24.99 ea $23.68
Scott Drake 1964-1973 Ford Mustang Brake & Clutch Pedal Bushing B7AZ-2471-A
Model: 3016802
Condition: NEW
Made from high strength, wear resistant plastic. Four required for automatic cars, six for manual transmission cars. …
$3.99 ea $2.90
Automatic Transmission Extension Housing Seal
Model: 3016917
Condition: NEW
Replacement Of Original 1963-65 Extension Housing Seal All V-8's With Warner 4 Speed - Fairlane/Torinio 1962-71 Transmission Extension Housing Seal Ford-O-Matic 2-Speed C4 Automatic Transmission - Fairlane/Torinio 1963-65 Extension Housing…
Clutch Fork Dust Boot - Rubber
Model: 3016787
Condition: NEW
This is the molded rubber black boot that installs on the bell housing. Protects your clutch from damaging road debris. Fits 144/170 6 cylinder engines. Measures 2 7/8 x 2 13/16 x 2. …
$32.52 ea $32.52
American Powertrain Hydramax Hydraulic Clutch Release Systems HMGM-01101G
Model: 3917885
Condition: NEW
Throwout Bearing Conversion, Hydraulic, Hydramax, GM, TKO/Muncie/Saginaw/Richmond/Lenco, Kit Brand:American Powertrain Part Type:Hydraulic Throwout Bearing Conversion Kits Product Line:American Powertrain Hydramax Hydraulic…
Scott Drake 1964-1970 Ford Mustang Equalizer Bar Repair Kit (3 and 4 Speed Transmissions) C1DD-7543-KIT
Model: 3016830
Condition: NEW
A must for all manual transmissions. Includes felt washers, nylon ball bushings, washer and clevis clips. Improves clutch operation. Fits 6 cylinder and small block V8. …
Clutch Fork To Bell Housing Boot - 289 & 302 V8
Model: 3171435
Condition: NEW
Clutch Fork To Bell Housing Boot - 289 & 302 V8 …
Clutch Fork Dust Boot - Rubber
Model: 3016792
Condition: NEW
New for 2007 is the clutch lever dust boot for the 1965 through 1971 Galaxie 6 cyl. Or v8, 1972 Torino or Ranchero 6 cyl. Or v8. …
$61.99 ea $50.11
Camaro Clutch Bellcrank Felt Seals, 1967-1981
Model: 4019358
Condition: NEW
Best Quality Reproduction Bellcrank Seals Heavy, Die Cut Felt Fiber As Original Keeps Grease In The Clutch Bellcrank Where It Belongs 9/16 ID & 1? OD This little Camaro part does a big job and will wear out easily from years of use and…
Camaro Clutch Bellcrank Pivot Kit, 1967-1981
Model: 4019357
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original Works With All GM & Reproduction Bellcranks This Camaro reproduction clutch bellcrank pivot kit has been manufactured to original factory specifications using today's modern manufacturing techniques. You will…
Equalizer Bar Bushing - Nylon Ball Type
Model: 3137387
Condition: NEW
Equalizer Bar Bushing - Nylon Ball Type …
Full Size Chevy Clutch Fork Boot, All Expect 1963 Impala SS with 409ci, 1963-1975
Model: 3055276
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original All Passenger Cars Except 1963 Impala SS With 409ci Approximately 2.5 x 3.25 …
Daniel Carpenter Equalizer Bar To Clutch Fork Rod - Adjustable C8ZZ-7521
Model: 3016843
Condition: NEW
This lower clutch rod fits 66/71 Ford Torino, Ranchero and 70/71 Mercury cyclone, and Montego with the 390 and 427/428 fe engines and 4 speed transmissions and fits between the z-bar and clutch fork. 70/71 Torino, Montego 429 clutch…
$50.99 ea $42.10
Speedometer Gear, 17 Tooth Purple
Model: 4868984
Condition: NEW
Speedometer Gear, Driven 17-Tooth, Plastic, Purple, GM, Muncie, Powerglide, Saginaw, TH350, Each …
GM TH400 Tail/Extension Housing Gasket
Model: 3463610
Condition: NEW
3 speed trans.; Trans. code 3L80; Trans. code THM425; Trans. code THM475/M40  …
Daniel Carpenter 1974-2004 Mustang Clutch Petal Pivot Shaft Bushing B7A-2471
Model: 3071833
Condition: NEW
•Brand new •Fits 1974-2004 Mustangs with manual transmission •Black plastic •Originals commonly wear out where the clutch pedal pivots in the pedal assembly •Made from high-quality plastic •Restores smooth clutch pedal…
Transmission Extension Housing Bushing - 1-5/8OD X 1- 1/2ID
Model: 3016915
Condition: NEW
The extension housing bushing is available for yout tranny. Offered in both 31 and 28 spline. …
Manual Transmission Clutch Fork Bracket - L-Shaped
Model: 3016789
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original 60-68 Ford - Before 2-15-68 63-68 Mercury - Before 2-15-68 62-68 Fairlane/Torino - V8 - Before 2-15-68 63-68 Falcon - V8 - Before 2-15-68 65-66 Comet - 10 Clutch - 6 Cylinder - Before 2-15-68 65-68 Comet - V8…
$61.99 ea $51.20
Daniel Carpenter Clutch Equalizer Shaft Ball - 223 6 Cylinder - 260 & 289 V8- Ford C1DD-7543-A
Model: 3135151
Condition: NEW
Clutch Equalizer Shaft Ball - 223 6 Cylinder - 260 & 289 V8,- Ford …
Daniel Carpenter 1967-1970 Clutch Release Equalizer Rod Ball C1AA-7543
Model: 4871277
Condition: NEW
The Mustang clutch release equalizer ball bushing is a small part that is located between the clutch release fork and the clutch equalizer bar. It is responsible for providing smooth and consistent movement of the clutch release fork. The…
ACP Clutch Release Lever Spring Clip FM-EC049B
Model: 4023851
Condition: NEW
Prevents rattling and damage to the transmission Made with quality tested metal material OEM Direct Fit Replacement with easy installation …
Clutch Release Shaft Bushing - 1 Length x .940 OD - Ford Passenger
Model: 3133337
Condition: NEW
Also 1939 Passenger & Pickup, 1942-1947 Pickup Also 32-34 Commercial & Truck, 1939 Passenger & Commercial. These are the shorter bushings. …
$7.99 ea $4.96
Chevy & GMC Truck, Clutch Bell Housing Cover, Front, 1960-1966
Model: 3229437
Condition: NEW
High Quality Reproduction Clutch Cover For Truck Stamped Steel Painted Black For Use With 11" GM Bellhousing # 3899621 The "621" Bell Housing Is A Very Common Small & Big Block Chevy Conversion Bellhousing The clutch inspection…
Ford Pickup Truck Speedometer Driven Gear - 16 Teeth - Blue- Type 1 - 3-Speed Manual Or Automatic - Genuine Ford
Model: 3175783
Condition: NEW
Ford Pickup Truck Speedometer Driven Gear - 16 Teeth - Blue,- Type 1 - 3-Speed Manual Or Automatic - Genuine Ford …
$17.99 ea $16.67
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