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Oil Dipstick & Tube Set - Chrome
Model: 3011281
Condition: NEW
High-Quality Ford Chrome Engine Oil Dipstick with Polished Billet Aluminum Handle for Ford 260-289-302 Small Block Engines - Length: 20-1/4". …
ACP Oil Pan Drain Plug With Gasket Chrome FM-EO007
Model: 3011314
Condition: NEW
Replaces a damaged or missing drain plug Gasket allows for a tight seal Matches OE sizing and specs for easy installation …
Oil Filler/Valve Cover Breather Cap - Chrome
Model: 3010716
Condition: NEW
Custom push on chrome breather cap fits most Rancheros, Torinos, and Fairlanes. Cannot be used on 6 cylinder models. This is for original style valve covers with breather tube on the valve cover. …
Oil Pan - Bare Steel
Model: 3011320
Condition: NEW
Oil Coated Plain Steel Finish Includes Pan Plug & Nylon Gasket Fits 221, 260, 289, & 302 V8 Motors Dearborn classics has a selection of painted and chrome plated oil pans for small block engines. Painted models are available in…
Chevy Truck - Oil Pan Small Block, 1956-1979
Model: 3129673
Condition: NEW
Good Quality Restoration Part Replaces Damaged Or Missing Originals Restores Proper Engine Oil Pan Operation Stock Capacity Drain Plug Located Center Bottom Fits 1956-1979 Small Block Engines The oil pan is the…
Ford Thunderbird Oil Filter Conversion Kit, 1955-57
Model: 3074909
Condition: NEW
Converts from canister type filter to C1AZ-6731-M spin on filter. …
$39.99 kt $38.49
Ford Thunderbird Oil Pan Drain Plug, 1/2-20, 1957-66
Model: 3074939
Condition: NEW
Nylon washer included. …
Chevy Oil Filter Hoses, With Fittings, 1949-1954
Model: 3018978
Condition: NEW
High Quality Reproduction Oil Filter Hoses Includes Both Hoses & All Necessary Fittings To Connect The External Oil Filter Assembly To The Block Fits 1949-1954 Chevy Models There's nothing worse than taking your oil filter hoses off…
Oil Cap Grommet
Model: 3160651
Condition: NEW
Valve Cover Grommet - For Oil Filler Cap On Chrome Valve Cov,er - Ford & Mercury …
Chevy Oil Dipstick Tube Installation Tool, 1958-1972
Model: 3157281
Condition: NEW
  Used To Install Dipsticks In Small Block Chevy Fits All 1958-1972 Models This is the bracket that holds the booster onto the firewall for the standard shift power brake system …
Oil Filler Cap, AC Delco, FC125, 1982-1992
Model: 3089637
Condition: NEW
$28.99 ea $23.72
Model A Ford Rear Main Janitor - Powder-coated - Black - USA Made
Model: 3124767
Condition: NEW
  A great item for your Model A. It catches the oil that leaks from your rear main bearing. This slips over the two lower bellhousing ( clutch ) to flywheel bolts & also one of the flywheel dust cover ( inspection )…
Oil Filler Cap, AC Delco, FC140, 1982-1992
Model: 3089635
Condition: NEW
$13.99 ea $9.33
Ford Thunderbird Oil Pump Shaft, 352 & 390 & 428 V8, 1958-66
$20.99 ea $14.47
Ford Thunderbird Oil Pan Drain Plug, 7/8-16, 1955-56
Model: 3074932
Condition: NEW
Includes nylon washer. …
$12.99 ea $8.91
Chevy Oil Filter, Beehive, 6-Cylinder, 1949-1954
Model: 3018975
Condition: NEW
A Great Dress-Up For Your 216, 235 Or 261ci Finned Aluminum Body Helps Cool Oil Painted Body With Polished Lid Requires Mounting Brackets P/N 818113 And Installation Kit 818114 …
$536.99 ea $396.25
Oil Filler Breather Cap - Twist-On - Anodized Finish
Model: 3011299
Condition: NEW
Choose from our assortment of new original Ford and exact reproduction oil filler caps. Motorcraft replacement-twist on. 66/68 (289 from 5/2/66), 65/68 (352, 390, 2v and 4v). This cap may be black or grey. …
$29.99 ea $22.93
Chevy Oil Filter, Spin-On, AC Delco, 1968-1986
Model: 3254225
Condition: NEW
  Best Quality AC-Delco Oil Filter For Your Chevy Replacement For PF35 Long Style-Check For Clearance 5.12" In Length X 3.76" In Diameter Provides Optimum Filtration For Entire Service Interval ACDelco filters have been…
Oil Pump Retaining Spring - 4 Cylinder Ford Model B
Model: 3190688
Condition: NEW
  This spring supports the pump & keeps it in position.   …
$3.99 ea $3.24
Oil Cap - Chrome - With Tube
Model: 3167215
Condition: NEW
Ford Mustang Oil Cap - Chrome - With Tube - For Chrome Valve, Covers …
$11.99 ea $10.55
Oil Pan Gasket Set - 4 Pieces - 4 Cylinder Ford Model B Engine
Model: 3166593
Condition: NEW
  Fits Passenger Car & Pickup Truck with Model B Engine For a Model B engine in a passenger car & pickup truck.   …
$30.99 st $28.56
Oil Dip Stick - Original Cadmium-Plated Style - 4 Cylinder Ford Model B
Model: 3165406
Condition: NEW
  For 4 cylinder, Model A & B Oil Dip Stick - Original Cadmium-Plated Style - 4 Cylinder F,ord Model B …
$9.99 ea $8.64
Oil Pan To Front Crankshaft Seal - Modern Style - Neoprene - 4 Cylinder Ford Model B & Ford Flathead V8 Except 60 HP
Model: 3148100
Condition: NEW
Fits 4 cylinder Model A & Model B Replaces the two white rope seals. A long-lasting neoprene one-piece seal that takes the place of your troublesome rope seals. USA made, no machine work is required to install. This will not…
$51.99 ea $42.85
Oil Pump Drive Shaft - 170 & 200 6 Cylinder - Falcon, Comet& Montego
Model: 3127821
Condition: NEW
Oil Pump Drive Shaft - 170 & 200 6 Cylinder - Falcon, Comet,& Montego …
Ford Thunderbird Oil Filter Seal, Replacement, 1955-57
Model: 3074912
Condition: NEW
Thicker than the one provided in the B7A-6882-A conversion kit. …
Chevy Truck Oil Filter Valve, 1956-1966
Model: 3032777
Condition: NEW
Chevy Oil Pressure Line, Rocker Arm, 6-Cylinder, 1949-1953
Model: 3018980
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original Fits All Except 235ci With Powergilde…
Summit Racing Chrome Valve Cover Fill Plug SUM-G3415
Model: 4949694
Condition: NEW
These push-in fill plugs are a great way to add some shine to your engine. They'll keep dirt and debris from entering your crankcase. They're chrome plated and fit all OEM and aftermarket valve covers with a 1.25 in. hole. …
Chevy V8 Small Block Aluminum Stock Capacity Oil Pan, Passenger Dipstick, Retro Finned BLEM
Model: 4864159
Condition: BLEM
$244.99 st $183.21
Purolator Classic Filters Oil Filter L34631
Model: 3934157
Condition: NEW
Oil Filter, Replacement, Chevrolet, GMC, Workhorse, Each Part Type:Oil Filters Oil Filter Style:Canister Height (in):5.178 in. Outside Diameter (in):3.660 in. Filter Bypass Relief Valve:No Anti-Drainback Valve:Yes…
$7.99 ea $5.25
Oil Filter Decal - A/C Oil Filter - Ford
Model: 3211247
Condition: NEW
Oil Filter Decal - A/C Oil Filter - Ford …
$17.99 ea $12.81
Oil Filler Cap Decal - Black & White - Ford Pickup Truck
Model: 3189364
Condition: NEW
Also Passenger. …
$16.99 ea $11.84
Scott Drake 1965 Ford Mustang Black Oil Dip Stick Tube C5AZ-6754-A
Model: 3011283
Condition: NEW
Original design from Ford blue prints to ensure a perfect fit. …
$16.99 ea $16.80
Chevy V8 Small Block Aluminum Stock Capacity Oil Pan, Passenger Dipstick, Retro Finned
Model: 3144687
Condition: NEW
An enduring staple of Chevrolet, the small block V8 engine first appeared in 1955 and has either carried or inspired the brand’s history of performance since. The powerplant entered the transformative automotive times of the 1980s with…
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