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OER Windshield Washer Jar Cap 3798372
Model: 3443074
Condition: NEW
This reproduction windshield washer jar cap from OER® will fit and function just like original. Features correct "Windshield Washer Fluid Only" wording. Applications: Buick:1973-74 Apollo Chevrolet: 1967-74 Camaro 1976-81 Camaro (models…
OER Anco Style Windshield Wiper Blades - 15" GS675
Model: 3052633
Condition: NEW
OER® reproduction "Anco style" wiper blades for various GM models. Features a stainless steel blade with correct rubber insert. Designed after the "Anco" brand blades of the period. For blade refills use # 17528B. Sold as a pair…
Windshield Wiper Blade - 15 Long - Stainless Steel Frame
Model: 3013554
Condition: NEW
Does not include arm. Will fit 62/66 Fairlane, 60/64 Galaxie , 60/64 Falcons and Rancheros with single speed wipers only.…
OER 1962-72 Windshield Washer Jar 3840083
Model: 1024653
Condition: NEW
OER® reproduction jar which holds the windshield washer fluid. This jar is for use on various GM vehicles. Note:Washer jar cap sold separately. Applications: 1967-69 Camaro 1963-70 Corvette 1962-69 Impala / full size 1964-72…
Windshield Wiper Arm - Chrome - Flanged End Cap - Reproduction
Model: 3013544
Condition: NEW
New reproduction of the original stainless steel wiper arms used in 1965 through 1968 Galaxie and n 1965/69 Rancheros, Fairlanes, Torinos and Falcons. …
OER Stainless Windshield Wiper/Blade Arm Kit- Trico Style Blades *R865
Model: 3442047
Condition: NEW
Specifically designed for 1967-69 Camaro and Firebird coupe models and 1967-72 Chevrolet and GMC truck models, each kit features 2 stainless steel wiper arms and 2 Trico Style wiper blades with correct rubber insert. Measures 14-7/8". …
Universal Windshield Washer Nozzle Set
Model: 3123389
Condition: NEW
Washer nozzle set replaces existing hoodmounted nozzles or can be added for a more effective spray. Kit includes two nozzles, connecting hose and spray adjust key. Drilling and extra hose are required on vehicles not originally equipped…
Ford Mustang Windshield Washer Pump - Single Speed - Exact Reproduction
Model: 3076997
Condition: NEW
We now offer a correct replacement windshiels washer pump to replace your original. This new pump can be used on all 1966/69 Falcons, Fairlanes, Torinos and Rancheros. Inlet is 1/4 inch, outlet 1/8th. …
Windshield Washer Bag Bracket
Model: 3013521
Condition: NEW
Correct metal bracket for use with most washer bags used from 1960 through 1967. Includes bracket and mounting screws. …
Windshield Washer Bag Cap
Model: 3013525
Condition: NEW
Seal that windshield washer resovoir bag with these original style caps. Available in a variety of styles to match your application. 62/64 Falcon, screw top style …
Chevy Truck Windshield Wiper Blade Assembly, 12, 1955-1959
$23.99 ea $19.54
Wiper Transmission Arm Clip
Model: 3013535
Condition: NEW
Replacement Of Original 2 Required This is the clip that secures the transmission arms to each other and the motor. …
$6.99 ea $5.38
United Pacific 13" Bayonet Type Polished Stainless Steel Wiper Blade 110424
Model: 3035385
Condition: NEW
Fits many classic GM & Ford wiper arms.Use with 1960-66 Chevy & GMC truck wiper arm, item # 190601, 190602.…
Chevy Truck Windshield Wiper Arm, Right, 1954-1959
Model: 3035371
Condition: NEW
$20.99 ea $17.73
Windshield Washer Pump - Single Speed
Model: 3013524
Condition: NEW
Includes Pump, Hoses, Tees, Wire Connectors, & Wiring Single Speed …
$46.99 ea $40.77
United Pacific Stainless Steel Wiper Arm For 1967-72 Chevy & GMC Truck 190671
Model: 3035375
Condition: NEW
Product Overview Polished stainless steel with die-cast chrome plated shaft mounts. Fits L/H or R/H side. …
Chevy Truck Windshield Wiper Arm, Left, 1954-1959
Model: 3035372
Condition: NEW
$20.99 ea $17.73
Chevy Truck Wiper Transmission Arm Spring, 1947-1953
Model: 3035363
Condition: NEW
$6.99 ea $4.11
Windshield Wiper Pivot Shaft Nut - Chrome
Model: 3013534
Condition: NEW
Replace those stripped out windshield wiper pivot nuts with these new reproductions. Requires the use of a special tool (wbt100) to remove and install. 1961/64 Galaxie …
OER 1962-72 Washer Jar Bracket 548935
Model: 3444217
Condition: NEW
OER® replacement bracket which mounts the washer jar onto the radiator support. Applications: 1962-69 Impala / full size 1967-69 Camaro 1968-70 Chevy II / Nova 1968-69 Corvette 1964-72 Chevrolet / GMC Truck 1964-69 Chevelle 1967-69…
$18.99 ea $15.25
Ford Mustang Windshield Washer Bag - With Twist-Off Cap
Model: 3937635
Condition: NEW
High Quality Reproduction Screw-On Lid Design We have correct replacement washer reservoir bags for your Ranchero, Torino, Fairlane, and Falcon. Before 3/1/67 washer bag. Also fits 62/64 Fairlane. For The Flip Lid Design See Part…
Late Great Chevy, Windshield Spray Nozzles, Chrome 1958
Model: 3051496
Condition: NEW
High Quality Reproduction Perfectly Replaces Original Pair Chrome Windshield washer spray nozzles can get clogged with gunk or disintegrate from washer chemicals and the elements of weather conditions over time. Because of this, your 1958…
Windshield Wiper Arm Spring
Model: 3013551
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of the original wiper arm spring used on 1960/1965 Falcons, Comets and Rancheros. …
$18.99 ea $15.75
Ford Pickup Truck Windshield Wiper Blade - 12 Long
Model: 3250150
Condition: NEW
  High Quality Reproduction Works On OE Bayonet & Wrist Type Arms 12" Blade Length Sold Each   Two required per vehicle, sold each. lt;/div> …
Ford Pickup Truck Windshield Wiper Arm - Wrist Type - Stainless Steel Body & Arm With Chrome Drive Housing - Right Or Left
Model: 3163787
Condition: NEW
Ford Pickup Truck Windshield Wiper Arm - Wrist Type - Stainl,ess Steel Body & Arm With Chrome Drive Housing - Right Or Le,ft …
Chevy Truck Wiper Blade, 11, 1954-1955 (1st Series)
Model: 3035391
Condition: NEW
$17.99 ea $14.47
Chevy Truck Windshield Washer Spray Nozzles, 1955-1959
Model: 3035353
Condition: NEW
$8.99 pr $6.09
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