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OER 36 Piece Wheel Well Molding Screw Set K606
Model: 2028950
Condition: NEW
Replace your missing or worn out wheel molding screws with this OER® 36 piece set. Includes enough screws for all four moldings. You are assured that every OER® part offered is manufactured to exact specifications and will fit and…
Custom Autosound Hide Away In-Car Antenna
Model: 2033774
Condition: NEW
Electromag Hidden Antenna, designed for optimum AM/FM reception. Excellent solution for Streetrods, Show Cars, Classics or any vehicle where a conventional antenna is not desirable. …
OER 1962-88 Windshield Wiper Motor Grommet Set 4910180
Model: 2029686
Condition: NEW
This is a very good reproduction of the original grommets used to mount the wiper motor to the firewall on various GM models. This reproduction includes the original type steel sleeve built directly into the grommet. Sold as a set of 3…
Headlight Retaining Ring, 1958-1982
Model: 1024357
Condition: NEW
Headlight Retaining Rings are a necessary safety item for correct installation of the headlights and proper night visibility. Driving with poorly installed or non-functioning headlights could prove catastrophic for you and other motorists…
United Pacific LED Flasher - 12V, 2 Terminal 90650
Model: 1000577
Condition: NEW
This United Pacific LED Flasher is for use with all vehicles LED taillights and front turn signals. Your taillights and front turn signals are crucial to the safety of your vehicle and help prevent damage to you and your vehicle as a…
GM License Plate Rubber Bumper
Model: 3115006
Condition: NEW
A factory original touch for a variety of General Motors passenger vehicles, this license plate rubber bumper provides protection to the license plate as well as the bodywork.  Compatible for use with a wide range of General…
Car Cover Antenna Grommet
Model: 3072075
Condition: NEW
If you can't unscrew your antenna mast, you can cut a slit in your car cover and this grommet will keep the edges from fraying. …
Classic Headquarters Sealed Beam Retainer Screw Set, 6 Pieces H-117
Model: 2028832
Condition: NEW
Correct flat head screws for mounting the retainer ring to the headlight bucket. Sealed Beam Retainer Screws hold sealed beam in place.  Manufactured to Meet or Exceed Original Factory Specifications Includes Pictured Hardware…
Headlamp Retaining Rings, Set of 4, 1961-1982
Model: 3043355
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original 5" Stainless Steel Complete Set Of 4. …
Window Roller Assembly - Includes Clip
Model: 3010189
Condition: NEW
Your window regulator is crucial to preserving the function of your window. Every cruiser enjoys rolling down the windows on a beautiful day and maintaining the functionality in your car windows is what makes this…
License Plate Screw, Thread Size; 1/4"(# 14) x 3/4"
Model: 3123413
Condition: NEW
The License Plate Screw secures your license plate firmly in place, eliminating the possibility of your car's license plate slipping out of position. Reproduction of Original  Manufactured to Meet or Exceed Factory…
Door Lock and Ignition Cylinder Set - With Keys
Model: 3012144
Condition: NEW
Small Head Door Locks Only (For Door Locks & Ignition See Part Number 63-30159) We have a complete set of door lock cylinders with keys. These are correct replacement units with correct original fit and appearance. Includes correct…
Key Parts '72-'93 Cab Floor Pan, Driver's Side 1580-221 L
Model: 4021949
Condition: NEW
1580-221 This cab floor pan, driver's side fits: 1972-1993 Dodge Pickup Measurement 32x16x6 Weight 10lb …
Key Parts '73-'87 Drop in Cab Floor Section, Driver's Side 0850-221 L
Model: 3033914
Condition: NEW
For the 1973 model year, General Motors C/K pickup truck lineup received an iconic, long-lasting redesign that continued to be at the forefront of Chevrolet and GMC brands until 1987. Capable of being easily set into the driver’s side of…
Custom Autosound Full Size Universal Power Antenna
Model: 3428007
Condition: NEW
The advent of power accessories on automobiles through the 1950s and 1960s added a new premium driving experience to cars with functions at the press of the switch or button. A sleek, high-tech improvement to your classic or collector…
Classic Headquarters Sealed Beam Retainer 1", Each with Oval Hole W-770
Model: 2028830
Condition: NEW
Accurate reproduction, correct 1" ring width, in original high polish stainless material. GM Part #: 59550248 …
CarCapsule™ The Original Car Bubble, Indoor
Model: 3917282
0.30mm clear PVC top cover. 0.45mm basemat is mildew, abrasion and flame resistant. Heavy Duty Basemat Impervious to oil, gas, and antifreeze. Rust free;100% Nylon “self-healing” coil zippers. No metal parts inside! No metal…
Redline Restomotive 7 Inch Round LED with Halo Daytime Running Lamp and Turn Signals
Model: 3490261
Condition: NEW
Elevate your vehicle's visibility and style with our 7 Inch Round LED lights featuring Halo Daytime Running Lamps and Turn Signals. Experience enhanced safety on the road with powerful illumination and dynamic signaling. Crafted for…
Key Parts '73-'91 Rocker Panel Repair Kit, Driver's Side 0850-001 L
Model: 3033732
Condition: NEW
0850-002 Rocker panel 5 piece repair kit, driver's side. Kit includes: cab floor front support, outer cab corner, full rocker panel, rocker panel backing plate and outer floor pan repair piece. It fits: 1973-1987 Chevrolet Pickup…
Redline Restomotive® GM Cars & Trucks Outer Rear Hood Bumper Stopper, Rubber
Model: 1023850
Condition: NEW
Optimize your GM car or truck’s hood alignment and reduce vibrations with our Outer Rear Hood Bumper Stopper, Rubber. Made from high-quality rubber, this essential component ensures a secure and cushioned closure for your hood…
Windshield Washer Hose, Sold by the Foot, 1/4" Inside Diameter
Model: 3123370
Condition: NEW
Servicing your windshield Washer Hose is important as operating your vehicle with a damaged and non-functioning windshield washer system could prove catastrophic for you and other motorists on the road. Proper functioning windshield washer…
Redline Restomotive® GM Cars Door Lock Rod Bellcrank Retainer, Inner
Model: 2032466
Condition: NEW
The inner door lock rod and bellcrank is essential for your car. In conjunction with that, the door lock rod bellcrank retainer is crucial as well. This is the correct plastic sleeve that holds the door pull lock rod to the inside door…
Chevy Truck Rocker Panel Backing Plate, Left, 1973-1987
Model: 3100774
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original Driver Side Fits 1973-1987 Pickup Fits 1973-1991 Full-Size Blazer …
J Type Cage Nut 5/16-18 Screw Size
Model: 3101561
Condition: NEW
Chevy Truck Right Cab Corner, 1973-1987
Model: 3033916
Condition: NEW
Car Cover Cable with Lock
Model: 1004271
Condition: NEW
Secure your car cover. Works on any brand of cover. Kit includes padlock and vinyl-coated steel cable. It is approximately 8 ft. in length. …
GM Hood Insulation Retainer Black Nylon, 1980 and Newer
Model: 3919447
Condition: NEW
Replaces GM Part #20064875 Head Diameter: 1-21/32" Stem Diameter: 5/16" Stem Length: 3/4" …
Car Cover Bag, Gray
Model: 1027525
Condition: NEW
It is a magical time of the year when it is time to take the cover off your prized vehicles and go for a drive. This car cover bag provides a dry, sizable storage solution for when your automobile’s protective cover for when it’s…
Key Parts '73-'91 Rocker Panel Repair Kit, Passenger's Side 0850-002 R
Model: 3033726
Condition: NEW
0850-002 5 piece rocker panel repair kit, passenger's side. Kit includes: cab floor front support, outer cab corner, full rocker panel, rocker panel backing plate and outer floor pan repair piece. It fits:1973-1987 Chevrolet Pickup…
Chevy Truck Rocker Panel Backing Plate, Right, 1973-1987
Model: 3100776
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original Passenger Side Fits 1973-1987 Pickup Fits 1973-1991 Full-Size Blazer …
Chevy Truck Foot Well, Left, 1973-1987
Model: 3033893
Condition: NEW
Universal Windshield Washer Pump & Reservoir Kit
Model: 3097868
Condition: NEW
$99.99 ea $93.15
Key Parts '73-'87 Drop in Cab Floor Section, Passenger's Side 0850-222 R
Model: 3033910
Condition: NEW
0850-222 This front floor section, passenger's side fits:1973-1987 Chevrolet Pickup1973-1987 GMC Pickup1973-1991 Chevrolet Blazer1973-1991 Chevrolet SuburbanMeasurement 35x31x1Weight 17lb…
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